The Do-Rights Burlesque

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The Do-Rights Burlesque

The founder Aporia L'Clusio is an award-winning choreographer from Santa Cruz California, now operating out of Portland, Oregon. Under the direction of Lola L'Amor, Belle Starr and Athena, The Do-Rights Burlesque has recruited award-winning dancers and choreographers of many styles, each possessing unique personalities and movements. Trained in traditional striptease and burlesque, the Do-Rights make use of all other dance training to bring a new element to the vaudevillian and American burlesque genres, named "Neo-Burlesque."

The Do-Rights Burlesque strives to support the artist community of Santa Cruz and share in creative expression. Our goal as members of the art community and as a "Neo-Burlesque" troupe is to discover, accept, and embrace the joys of human sexuality. We are dedicated to performing our best and inspiring our audiences to love freely and see that beauty isn’t defined by a mold - it comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and varieties. The Do-Rights Burlesque performs at public venues, private parties, benefits, and other events that support the artist community. We strive for showcasing each member’s strengths and putting on high quality performances

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