The Do-Rights Burlesque

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Founder:  Aporia L'Clusio

Parker Mozée-Baum has been in the dancing world since she was a wee lass, trained in ballet and discovering hip-hop for herself in her early teens. In 2006, she was a part of a local production of The Rocky Horror Show at Mountain Community Theater and was introduced by her choreographers to a whole new world - Burlesque. She then co-choreographed for the next year's production of the show and her love for strip-tease grew.
In 2007, she was invited to be a part of a clown burlesque troupe known as Burlesque la Moustache Je'Taime, where she received her stage persona Aporia L'Clusio which stuck throughout her years of performance. The "Do-Rights" Burlesque is Aporia's brainchild that was developed by a core group of dancers in 2008 at a local community college. Staying safe inside campus walls for a couple years, the "Do-Rights" then started to branch out and eventually landed a regular gig with a circus based in Oakland, and have since been performing for showcases, sets, and wherever the wind will let them be mostly naked.
Now traveling between Portland, Oregon and California, Aporia still produces burlesque and sideshows throughout the west coast and loves every minute of it.

©Mama-T Photography
Director: Lola L'Amor

No one knows exactly where Lola L’Amor came from, but she believes it was one of those points where a redwood’s root touches the salty sea, and hard elements combine; creating a most controversial creature.  Although this made her feel off-beat in most aspects of her life, she always had a rhythm within her body calling her to dance.  She would imitate everything around her, looking for her true calling.  When she found The “Do-Rights” Burlesque in 2008, she knew burlesque was what this voluptuous body was made for.  She can use her eyes to entice any audience, and now feels most at home on the stage.  She loves expressing her sexuality and the feeling of freedom that comes from accepting and loving yourself.  

©Mama-T Photography

Director: Athena
This sea warrior embodies water when she moves. The most versatile substance on Earth is her source of inspiration. Athena has developed a tough exterior to manage all of the ramblers and rum in paradise but, don’t be completely intimidated by her presence.  She does have a sensitive side keeping her both salty and sweet.

©Mama-T Photography

Director: Belle Starr 
Belle Starr is an outlaw dancer that is constantly on the move!  Since running away from her boarding school in an undisclosed location in the Eastern United States, this vixen is being hunted for in several counties across the country.  She is wanted for many reasons including public nudity, bank robbery, and on several accounts both at the same time.  Desiring to find a place to lay low for a while she ventured to the Santa Cruz Mountains to hide out.  It wasn’t long until she mysteriously disappeared, but will occasionally be seen dancing with the lovely ladies of The “Do-Rights” Burlesque.

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Analeah Sunshine
Born in Zenna, a vibrant city located in the caverns inside the moon, Analeah was the most vivacious dancer the moon people had ever seen. She entranced audiences, seduced men and women with a single glance, and attracted stars, planets and creatures from all over the universe. Accused of adultery, murder, and stealing precious moon stones by her jealous sister, she was banished to earth to live out the rest of her days. So heart broken and alone she swore never to dance again until she found her kindred sisters, The “Do-Rights” Burlesque troupe. Once again she felt alive and her dancing spirit awoke inside of her with newfound vigor. Although she has adapted to life on earth, on a clear full moon night you can find her dancing on the beach, howling and spinning beneath the twinkling stars.

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Venus Del Mar
Arising from the seafoam green, Venus has always been a water creature, born on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. Her fluidity of nature has lead her to travel far and wide giving love wherever she goes. Her love of dance has made the goddess headstrong and very curious of people who aren't made of water. She wonders if someday her true fiery passion being will come and seek her out...

©BrainCrabbtree of Blank Productions
Summer Savage 
Born onto the forest floor under a steamy August moon, Summer Savage swallowed that sultry moonshine down her throat like syrup before anyone could blink.  Her mother wept and her father stood stonily silent, but it was too late.  Wild nights became her glory, and summer stars sparkle forever in her eyes.  Your body will go shivering madly under her silky moonlight touch, leaving you in an unending dream, a hot house of enigma with sheets damp in the morning.
But don’t let this sweet face and soft body fool you - Summer Savage is all whipcord muscle and bucking flesh.  Like the mountain lion that raised her, she is red in tooth and claw.  Many have fallen prey to her feline grace.  She grew up with her toes in the California sand and learned to dance from the sea herself.  Beware - her undulating torso will leave you mesmerized and drowning, but only if her gentle claws haven’t already stolen your heart right out of your gasping chest.

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Toxic Valentine

Where Toxic Valentine comes from isn’t nearly as important as where she’s going or whom she’ll allow to follow. As enigmatic as her name, Toxic Valentine is as dangerous, alluring and intoxicating as she is charming, sensual and inviting. You'll recognize her voice rom your deepest dreams and with a longing gaze that skims the surface of a captivating history, you’ll want to know more of this beguiling beauty’s secrets than she’ll ever allow you to.

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Charlie Angel

Charlie Angel is a fun, sassy, and a go with the flow kind of girl. She has been dancing since she was seven, using it as a way to express her intense emotions and love of life. Her love and dedication to others is obvious in everything she does, and Charlie Angel hopes to share her vivacious and loving spirit through dance. Having an eye for sparkling objects, she spends her spare time hunting for treasure. She loves the ocean, sun, and is intrigued by the vast sky filled with stars. She is always looking for fun and desires to be the life of the party, hoping to make people smile. Cherished by her each of her troupe sisters for her sweet and loving nature, Charlie is held close to all of their hearts. But every sweet girl has a bad side, and Charlie Angel is no exception! 

©BrainCrabbtree of Blank Productions

Lulu Skye

Picture a girl with kaleidoscope eyes standing in a meadow of towering yellow and green flowers and fragrant tangerine trees. Lulu Skye came about in an age of newspaper taxis, rocking horse people, and marshmallow pies. Her golden hair was dipped in rainbows, her heart was full of music, and her body begged to dance like a star in the heavens. One day, Lulu Skye came across a group of gorgeous dancing women who shared the same passion she had for dance. They quickly became friends. Lulu often calls them her diamonds. On some nights, if you look hard enough, you can find Lulu dancing in the sky... with diamonds. 

Aurora Rose 
Aurora Rose is a goddess - Birthed in the middle of the sun, and rained down to Africa where she was raised by lions.  When she was old enough to dance she entertained the whole pride with her burlesque dancing.  The king of the lion pack urged her to go to California to show off her dancing skills.  This golden lioness was attracted to the ocean, so she swam until she found a lovely, comfortable town with a troupe that can move.  She now dances with The “Do-Rights” Burlesque; where she was taught how to Do-it-Right.

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